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Artificial Grass Bellshill

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Bellshill.

Busy life? No time to mow the lawn? What about artificial grass at your Bellshill home?

We all lead what seem to be, increasingly busy lives. Between work commitments, family and social life, there never seem to be enough hours in a day.

Adding task, jobs and assignments to an already busy home life can be the recipe for disaster; mowing the lawn, for example, is something that must be done on a weekly basis in order for the garden not to resemble a jungle.

And so, when considering artificial grass for your Bellshill home, you may be wondering what the advantages are…


You wouldn’t necessarily think that artificial grass can be time-saving, but it can and it is. Freeing from the weekly summery drudgery of mowing the lawn, you can actually have some time to sit and relax in your garden of an evening.

This is great news for many people, and not just those of us rushed off our feet on a day to day basis. Older people or those unable to mow the lawn will often pay for gardening services; investing in artificial grass to a certain extent, negates this need as the lawn needs nothing doing to it, other than the odd sweep every now and then.

Did you know…?

Artificial grass is perfect at holiday homes too, for exactly the same reasons?

Environmental issues

In the dead of winter, it can be difficult to understand with all the rain and localised flooding, how we can be plunged into water shortages and hose pipe bans but, as soon as the sun shines for longer than we week, we are instructed to turn off our hosepipes and ‘conserve what we have’.

With artificial grass installed at your Bellshill home, you can successfully circumnavigate this because you don’t need to water your new lush, green lawn! Saving water is fabulous but there are other positive environmental impacts too…

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions – by not using petrol or electrical powered lawn mowers, you are reducing your impact on the environment
  • No fertilisers needed – although some organic fertiliser are good, other manufactured chemicals are not so good in their wider impact of the environment
  • Less chemicals seeping in to the ground – the addition of chemicals to a lawn, such as weed killer, will invariably see them being filtered in to the ground at some point. With artificial lawns, there is no need for any chemical treatment

Special places or awkward spots

Unlike grass, artificial grass at your Bellshill will suit just about everywhere; no need to worry about it being in shade, or getting too much sun so that it burns, yellows and dies.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for any Bellshill home – how about yours?

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