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Artificial Grass Bishopbriggs

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Bishopbriggs.

How artificial grass at your Bishopbriggs home can add colour AND functionality

Every spring, you probably sigh and say the same thing; this year you WILL have a green lush lawn that is manicured and robust.

But, it never seems the happen. The cooler temperatures of spring turn in to the heat of summer and, although we may not be used to blistering temperatures, no rain coupled with sun for 10 hours a day may be simply fabulous for us… but hell for a lawn.

The rich, green lawn you lust after has, once again, turned into a dusty bowl with the odd shard of yellowing grass blades poking through. Try as you might, you never quite get the green, green grass you desire.

Artificial grass installed at your Bishopbriggs gives you exactly what you want, without the hassle…

  • No watering, feeding, fertilising and generally ‘messing about’

To have a lush green lawn at the front, back and side of your property you need time, energy and plenty of water, feed, fertiliser and generally, the ability to spend some time looking after it.

Grass, depending on the type that it is, does not always stand up to the rigours of stampeding children, marauding dogs, the odd game of touch rugby or tennis, and neither will it withstand being trampled by hordes of guests at your summer BBQ.

Its shallow root system, sensitive to changes in temperature and dryness, as well as pressure from people, plants and pets will start to wither away and die. Chances are, it cannot it be saved and you are left with a patch of earth, with no grass, that will need seeding, watering, and so and so forth in the spring.

  • Little, if any maintenance

And thus, artificial grass at your Bishopbriggs is a magnificent find for those without time or inclination, as well as those lacking in the skills and ‘green fingers’ department.

When laid by a professional company, there is no need to worry about drainage or waterlogging either. The most you need to do in keeping your artificial grass at your Bishopbriggs looking simply superb is the odd sweep every now and then.

  • Sweep?!

Yes that all it takes. A firm brush and a regular sweeping action will lift the dirt and detritus that has a tendency to gather deeper in the synthetic fibres of the artificial lawn.

Some earlier examples of artificial and synthetic grass at sports venues were quite often vacuumed to keep them clean, and looking pristine.

No longer will you sigh when you look out on to your garden, for artificial grass at your Bishopbriggs home will look stunning for a long, long time…

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