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Artificial Grass Blantyre

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Blantyre.

Why install artificial grass in your Blantyre garden?

Artificial grass is a material that has been around for many years but, until recently, had only really been used in a sport-based setting. As a result, its use in domestic settings has been somewhat pigeon holed.

And yet, in domestic and non-sport settings across the world, the benefits of green synthetic grass has long been recognised. Isn’t it about time you considered artificial grass for your Blantyre home?

What is artificial grass made from?

Artificial grass, as the name suggests, is made from synthetic fibres. In some cases, these fibres can be made from recycled plastic too making it a sustainable option. The drainage in artificial grass also means that rainwater is encouraged to drain into the natural water table too, and not in to the sewerage system.

The synthetic and sometimes recycled plastic fibres are then tufted onto a canvas surface, in most cases, and then reinforced with a backing of latex. This makes for a robust surface, perfect for both domestic and commercial applications.

Is artificial grass safe in the heat of summer?

The early days of synthetic grass presented some challenges in terms of how it performed in certain conditions, one of which was heat. However, in hotter climates, artificial grass is now the norm as the plastic fibres are now manufactured in a way that means they do not soak up too much residual heat, making it too hot to walk, lie or play on.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of installing artificial grass at your Blantyre home are many and varied;

  • It requires much less maintenance that a natural law such as aerating or weeding
  • It does not grow, therefore there is no need to invest in expensive mowers
  • It does not dry out and so there is no need to invest in water sprinklers for the summer months
  • It does not need fertilising or re-seeding
  • Artificial grass at your Blantyre home will also look lush and green!

Is all artificial grass the same?

There are different manufacturers and brands of artificial grass; we only choose to work with the highest quality artificial grass, at the best prices so that our customers benefit from all-year round green lawns, that require very little in terms of care and attention – and that stay looking good for as long as possible.

The good news is that artificial grass can be just about installed anywhere in a Blantyre garden, making it the perfect solution for those awkward places – the part of the garden that is always in shade, for example – and thus, more and more people are considering the installation of synthetic grass. Are you?

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