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Artificial Grass Cambuslang

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Cambuslang.

Why install artificial grass at your Cambuslang residence?

Your garden should be the place in which you relax, the children play and friends and family are entertained. It takes some effort and time to keep it looking neat and tidy but, the abundance of shrubs and flowers in the border will all have a minimal impact, if the lawn area is simply a swamp in winter, or a dry patch of earth in summer.

Minimal maintenance

If you are looking for a product that is visually appealing, but without the maintenance, then artificial grass at your Cambuslang home is the product you are looking for.

However, ringing a note of caution, if you assume that laying artificial grass is a do-it-yourself weekend job then you are far from being right. On one hand, with a smooth, flat garden, with adequate drainage it may last a year or two.

Without any underground preparation, the water will soon begin to move the pliable product around and what started as a luscious green lawn, will soon begin to look like an undulating heap of green carpet.

If you want minimal maintenance, with a long-lasting visual appeal and usability, choose not only a quality product, but quality installation too.

Clean and hygienic

If you search for information on artificial grass online, you will come across several articles that talk about hygiene and the harbouring of bacteria.

Artificial grass was initially developed within a sporting fraternity as an alternative to natural grass which was unable to deal and cope with the abuse on it from sporting play. Starting in the superbowl stadiums of America, the product is now used around the world in indoor sorting venues.

Artificial grass can be washed and maintained but, in the case of outdoor application, the harbouring of bacteria is not something that should trouble you too much.

Again, as with all quality products, spend some time on it, giving it some tender, loving care every now and then, with reap the rewards in the longer term.

Just like a rug or carpet, it should be swept every now and then to remove debris and detritus, such as leaves, seeds and so on, that have fallen on it. If you feel it needs pepping up a little, it can be washed with a power washer etc.

However, on installation, always check with the company if and how washing and brushing can be done.

There are many different kinds and types of artificial grass that can be installed at Cambuslang residences. Which one will you opt for?

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