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Artificial Grass Clarkston

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Clarkston.

Artificial grass at your Clarkston property can give you the garden you dream of

Everyone likes to see a pretty garden. A mix of shrubs and flowers, the garden should be somewhere tranquil to sit and relax, a safe place for the kids to play and the outdoor space where your pets can roam freely, and safely.

In the main, this probably does describe your garden but there is one aspect of it that causes concern: the lawn.

Grass, as a plant, is hardy but shallow rooted. When water is scarce and the sun is shining, it will shrivel and can, if used over and over again, die away. This leaves brown, bare patches of earth that when the rain does fall, become muddy puddles.

The installation of artificial grass at your Clarkston harden can prevent all this…

  • No fuss, minimal maintenance and a green lush lawn – unlike grass itself, artificial lawns need no watering, no weeding, no aerating, no re-seeding and just generally no fuss to keep them looking, green and inviting.
  • Brush it, not mow it! – then can be nothing worse after a hard day’s work, than coming home to mow the lawn but you know that if you do leave this too long, within days it has become a jungle that requires the use of mowers and strimmers. However, artificial grass at your Clarkston home requires no such heavy duty maintenance; all it needs is the autumn leaves brushing from its surface once or twice.
  • Deal with those hard-to-deal-with areas – every garden has them. The part of the garden in which plants and flowers struggle to grow, regardless of how much help they are given. These are the areas in constant sunshine, or spots in the garden that are shaded by trees but also dry from shrubs and trees taking all the moisture. Artificial grass in these areas can be simply perfect for adding effortless colour, but also making these spaces usable. Wouldn’t it be great to use all of your garden, and not just a small portion of it?

Is it a weekend, DIY job?

This is dependent on your skill set, the tool you have and the time. It is not just a case of laying a carpet of artificial grass over the top of a lawn and sitting down on it. The length of time it will last will only be as good as the preparation underneath.

Get the best from the artificial grass at your Clarkston home – get it installed professional and a high quality product too!

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