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Artificial Grass Eaglesham

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Eaglesham.

The pros of artificial grass at your Eaglesham property

Every garden has one. It is the spot that is difficult to grow anything in. It will either be too boggy or too dry.

And then, there are the children playing on the lawn – a great way for them to spend the day but the kicking of the ball, the rough and tumble, the trampoline and other structures, all take their toll on the lawn.

Then along comes the dog or cat. The clawing, the digging, the rough play and so on, not to mention to urine, the faeces and – it has to said – the vomit.

All of this takes a big toll on your lawn. It will leave bear patches of earth, after the top layer has been scorched by the sun, and ground to dust by everyday use.

You may wish for a spongy, lush lawn but, getting it can take a lot in terms of time, energy, money and know-how.

There is another solution and that is – artificial grass.

Won’t it look odd, and a little too good and pristine?

Artificial grass was first made as a solution to the issues with a natural playing surface for all kinds of sports but mainly baseball in America. It is true that some artificial grass is bright in colour, and the very fact that it needs to be incredibly robust to take on sporting play also means it may not have the same, dainty blades of grass that we like.

However, as in all industries, manufacturing techniques have moved on at a fast pace and now, there is more than one product to choose from. The green is less lurid, in some cases (unless you want this, of course!), the blades of grass are smaller, finer and more realistic.

As a result, artificial grass at your Eaglesham home can look appealing and inviting, rather than garish and unnatural.

Does it need anything special doing to it? I hear it can hoard bacteria…

There were and still are, some concerns raised about artificial grass and bacteria but this pertains to a sporting setting. Where people gather, such as a sporting pitch, and bodily fluids can be inadvertently exchange – in this case, sweat, spit and blood – it can congregate on the artificial grass carpet and mean that bacteria has the potential to grow.

Your back lawn, however, is unlikely to go through the same rambunctious play and, the fact that a lot of this bacteria is broken down by sunlight, as well as extremes of temperature means that artificial lawns at Eaglesham homes are quite safe in every way. Any concerns, just wash it!

Artificial grass at Eaglesham properties bring so many benefits – why don’t you take a closer

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