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Artificial Grass East Kilbride

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in East Kilbride.

Have you considered artificial grass for your East Kilbride garden?

The loveliest looking lawn…

… is achieved how? Hard work, drainage, repairing, maintaining, mowing and watering. If we all had the time, we would surely all do it to keep our lawns looking lovely, green and lush.

But, not all of us have the time, the inclination or the desire to spend hours on end keeping the lawn looking green. However, it is with a disappointed sigh that we look at our fading, bedraggled lawn that greet us as we once again throw the doors open to the summer garden.

There is an alternative – artificial grass for East Kilbride gardens!

Do you need it?

Artificial grass was created for various sporting locations, for use all over the world. It is robust and durable, responding better to the punishment of contact sports than natural grass in some cases.

Like sporting venues, you may have a family that play all manner of sports in your garden, from practicing rugby tackles to ad hoc games of football. Or maybe you have a swimming pool as a static feature for the summer? Either way, natural grass can take a hammering, from which it takes a while to recover. Artificial grass for East Kilbride customers is a perfect option in this case.

What are the pros and cons?

Any decision about artificial grass for East Kilbride gardens needs to be an informed decision, so take a read of our pros and cons list…



  • artificial grass for East Kilbride gardens, once installed, needs very little – if any – maintenance
  • no watering or mowing is required
  • you need not maintain it with fertilizers or weed killers
  • no weeding – at all!
  • Long lasting
  • Offers great drainage too
  • artificial grass East Kilbride customers also find that this superior drainage means no muddy puddles
  • no embarrassment for unkempt or badly maintained lawn
  • will withstand all manner of sporting activities
  • some artificial grass East Kilbride customers may feel installation costs can be budget busting (but call us for a competitive quote!)
  • there is a rubber layer underneath the synthetic grass which, if pounded again and again and again…may need re-filling
  • can get hot in summer
  • some people say that there are too many chemicals in the grass but there are now a variety of eco-friendly artificial grass products for East Kilbride
  • it is not natural grass…


The choice is yours! Why not find out more about the product and installation to see if artificial grass is perfect for your East Kilbride residence?

For FREE information and advice about artificial grass, contact S&D TODAY!

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