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Artificial Grass Giffnock

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Giffnock.

The pros of artificial grass at your Giffnock home or business

Artificial grass is enjoying a huge boost in its popularity, from back garden to car parks, children’s play areas and beyond. But why?

There is no doubt that for anyone looking to create a lush, ever green area, an artificial lawn is the product and, there are many more benefits besides;

  • In terms of looks and visual appeal, artificial grass at your Giffnock home or business is simply perfect. Green all year round, it has evolved from its early days of looking like a green mat and becoming a far more realistic replacement for grass.
  • With water shortages becoming a big concern, artificial lawns do not consume any water. In times of drought, it will not look parched but it is also environmentally friendly enough to allow rainwater to drain through to the soil beneath.
  • For those that hate the weekly mowing of the grass, the installation of artificial grass at their Giffnock home will revel in the fact that it does not need mowing or stripping. In terms of maintenance, the odd sweep and gently raking of dead leaves and other detritus is all that is needed.
  • In terms of price and cost of installation, it is a cost-effective measure to improve a garden or any outdoor space, in fact. However, some people have bene opting for the DIY approach, but some of the products on sale in various stores are not of the same high grade as that used by ourselves. Our product, as it is correctly installed can last from 7 to 10 years, longer if properly maintained (swept and washed).
  • In terms of the environment, artificial grass has much going for it. Alongside the fact it does not need to be watered, it does not need to be mowed (use of electricity cut), there are no need to use weed killers and many artificial lawns are made from recycled plastics.

Have you considered artificial grass for your home or business?

If so, there is no better choice as it really can present a fabulous and long lasting platform on which to play, entertain and so on.

However, with so many high street selling artificial grass for DIY installation, it is worth mentioning the benefit of getting it professionally installed. To aid the longevity of the product, it must be installed properly, with considerable attention paid to drainage.

Why not opt for the best, and opt to have artificial grass at your Giffnock home installed professionally?

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