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Artificial Grass Kilmarnock

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Kilmarnock.

Is artificial grass right for your Kilmarnock home?

Both the interior and exterior of our home is important. Just like the interior décor, the outside of our property – the green, landscaped space – is created by us, to fit our style, likes and dislikes.

The garden space of our home is also important in the sense that it needs to match what we want from it.  Artificial grass at your Kilmarnock home can be the solution to so many problems that you have been looking for…

Little or no time

We are all busy and when we have things that we must do, but are not our favourite past times, we can be reluctant to do them… and mowing the lawn, on a hot summer’s day or evening after a long day at work is one of them!

What if… you found a product that meant you did not have to do this?

Artificial lawns are the answer! They need no watering, no mowing and overall, very little maintenance at all.

Poor grass

When you look out over the garden, what do you see? A lush, green healthy looking lawn where the children play, or a muddy patch that in summer turns to dust?

If it is muddy patch, then you may or may not realise how much hard work is takes to not only look after the lawn, but getting it back to looking lush and lovely. You will need to prepare the ground, you will need to nourish it and then spread grass seeds. You will need to keep the birds from eating it, as well as watering it. In some cases, it can take years for a grassed lawn to come back to the green state you want and need it to be.

Grass only has a shallow root system and, at the first signs of drought or damage, the system will simply die and you end up with bare, yellowing patches of earth and dead grass.

Artificial grass at your Kilmarnock home will not yellow, die or disintegrate. It will instantly add a carpet of lush, green colour to your garden, without the need for seeding, mowing, watering and pimping.

Awkward areas

Some gardens have that one awkward spot where nothing seems to grow. It may be that it is perpetual shade, damp and boggy in winter, devoid of life in summer. Or, it may be sitting in full sun all day and whilst that makes for a fabulous sunbathing spot, the intense heat and sun can spell the end for plants, and grass too.

Artificial grass, as you can imagine, is not so fickle and will happy be the green carpet you need in those awkward spaces. Not only does it add colour, it also adds a functional surface on which you can sunbathe and relax.

Artificial grass is perfecthaw for all Kilmarnock homes – why not take a more in-depth look?

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