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Artificial Grass Mearnskirk

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Mearnskirk.

The 6 reasons why artificial grass at your Mearnskirk home is a great addition

Who doesn’t like a pretty, colourful, neat looking garden? All too often, however, there is a portion of it that lets it down – the lawn.

The flower beds are bursting with colour and activity from bees and yet, looking forlorn and a little threadbare is the lawn at its centre. What should be the crowning glory, looks little better than a patch of earth with a few sprouts of yellowing blades of grass.

The time has come to carefully consider the professional installation of artificial grass at your Mearnskirk home, and here are six reasons why it is a great product and addition:

i.  No mowing – fancy an end to the need for whipping around the lawn with the mower, empty the box of clipping or, worse still, having to rake them up? Then artificial grass at your Mearnskirk home is the very thing that you need to make those summer evenings a relaxing affair to enjoy your garden, rather than ‘run round with the mower after work’. 

ii. No need to water – your garden is a haven of flowers and colour. To keep them looking good, they need watering and the same is true of the lawn. However, as soon as the hot weather strikes and the hose pipe ban comes in to place you have two options when it comes to your lawn: leave it and watch it shrivel or, spend hours watering it with a water can from rain collected in harvesters. An artificial lawn needs no watering, but stays green providing the perfect backdrop for your flowers and shrubs.

iii.  Environmentally friendly – there are many different types and colours of artificial grass for the Mearnskirk homeowner to choose from and in the main, the vast majority of products used are made from recycled plastics. As they last for many years – up to a decade if looked after well – it is also effective in terms of the small amount of carbon released when manufacturing it

iv. You choose the shade you want – you do not have to opt for bright green, as pictured when you think of a sports pitch. The techniques involved in creating these types of grasses has evolved considerably and thus, there are more shades and lengths to choose form.

v. Professional installation – having it installed professionally is most definitely the best move with this product. You want it to last, you want it to look good and these two factors will only really happen if the drainage and the foundations are correct.

vi.  It works well, anywhere – artificial grass at your Mearnskirk property will look great in the back garden, the side of the house, the front garden… anywhere, in fact!

Why not take a fresh look at artificial grass for your Mearnskirk home?

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