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Artificial Grass Newton Mearns

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Newton Mearns.

What can artificial grass add to your Newton Mearns garden?

Take a moment to look at your garden; what do you see?

  • Awkward corners and areas that never catch the sun, always seem to be wet and nothing can grow there, no matter how hard you try
  • Bear patches of earth or well-worn areas such as around washing lines, seating areas of where the kids play
  • A soggy, muddy mess when the rain falls, whether it is summer rain or in the depths of winter
  • Areas where the family dog has dug holes
  • A square of ‘nothingness’, devoid of colour and character

Artificial grass at your Newton Mearns home can make your garden…

… Welcoming!

If you desire an outdoor space that invites and entices you, then the lush green carpet of artificial grass is the very thing that you need. Comfortable underfoot and constantly green, in the driest and wettest weather than is thrown at it, artificial grass will be an instant hit.

… Beautiful, with minimal maintenance!

Everyone desires their outdoor space to be full of colour, wafting scent and be a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. From relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening sun, to enjoying the space on warmer days, to have a beautiful garden can take time and effort. The lawn is one area that also needs some care and attention but, with time short and motivation lacking, what you end up with is a threadbare, patchy lawn. Not with an artificial grass lawn though…

… The envy of the neighbourhood

Hotter countries have long held sway with artificial lawns. Some people worry that the installation of artificial grass at their Newton Mearns home will make their back yard look like a sports pitch. This is not the case although the product was developed initially for the sports pitch. Technology, as we know, whips along at a lightning fast pace and thus, the product range when it comes to artificial grass has developed enormously. With a green, lush looking lawn all year round, your neighbours will be flocking to your door for the answers.

Is it the product for you?

Artificial grass at a Newton Mearns property will add elegance and functionality, without a hefty price tag but, beware cheaper imitations and the perils of doing it yourself.

Ensuring that the lawn is being laid on a flat surface, with ample, free draining foundation is important. Don’t skip on the important stuff or your beautiful artificial grass will not last the test or time or weather.

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