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Artificial Grass Paisley

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Paisley.

Artificial Grass Paisley

If you are looking for artificial grass in the Paisley area S&D can help. We have many years experience supplying and installing artificial grass solutions.

Artificial grass for your Paisley pad – get rid of the lawnmower, once and for all!

Gardeners across the UK are revolting at the product, blaming it for upsetting the genteel applecart of serious horticulture. But what is the product that causes ripples on consternation in one camp, and yet is welcomed like a breath of fresh air in other quarters?

Synthetic grass or artificial grass for Paisley gardens.

The tide is turning

In arid, dry countries, the use of a synthetic grass has long been obvious. Created in America in the 1960s for the sporting fraternity, people in hot countries soon realised they could have the same green lawn, without the need for expensive irrigation systems. For over 40 years now, synthetic grass has been a common sight across the Middle East.

In the UK, however, we were not so quick to embrace the product, preferring to keep it where people thought it truly belonged – the sporting pitch (although some disagreed with this too!).

However, attitudes and trends are changing with any potential artificial grass Paisley customers realising its true potential and usefulness for them. Large DIY chain stores are now stocking a variety of it and it also made an appearance at a recent Chelsea Flower Show, although not everyone welcomed its presence.

It is changing…

Potential artificial grass Paisley customers will be pleased to now that over the years, developments in both technology and production methods have meant that this product now looks even better, far more ‘life like’ that early examples.

And it is for this very reason that so many are opting for artificial grass at their Paisley properties.

How to buy it

There are many brands of the same product, all telling you how their product is the best. Just like buying a carpet – even if it is for the outside – always look at the sample. Check the colour, the fade resistance properties, and how it feel underfoot. The more expensive products will have softer, floppier tufts that feel kinder on bare feet, where as those that are tougher, marketed for the sport setting, will feel a little tougher and coarser. And the bright green colour is reserved for the cheaper end of the market.

Is artificial grass for Paisley garden better?

This really depends on you, your opinion and your garden. Gardens in perpetual shade find growing grass difficult and, it does add a touch of greenery too. It is great for potential artificial grass Paisley customers who have rough and tumble children and games happening on a regular basis. It requires very little maintenance and is even better when laid by a professional installation company – a bit like a carpet really. A smooth, flawless appearance is created by a professional.

It is worth taking another look! Contact us to find out more.

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