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Artificial Grass Rutherglen

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Rutherglen.

The 10 benefits of artificial grass at your Rutherglen home (or business)

The popularity of installing artificial grass at Rutherglen homes and businesses is on the increase. And, when you check out the 10 benefits of this versatile material, you will soon understand why…

i. Long lasting – installed correctly and using a high quality product, artificial grass as a long lasting addition to any outdoor space. From sports pitches to back gardens, ‘grass’ verges to the green, welcoming space outside of your business complex, artificial grass will outlast even the best of natural grass lawns

ii. Reduces weeds – although you may be an advocate of natural, seeded grass lawns there is a whole world of difference between a lawn, and an unkempt area of space. If your idea of maintenance is mowing the lawn, the sad news is it takes more than that to keep it looking great. From bald patches to weeds, it takes time and energy to keep it lush and green

iii. Low maintenance – a natural following on benefit is that artificial grass at a Rutherglen property will be low maintenance. Apart from the odd sweep and ‘wash’ to remove dirt and detritus accumulated over winter, there is nothing more that need to be done with this product

iv. Pet friendly – have pets and worried how they could impact on the product? There is no need because the product is pet-friendly. Again, a sweep and a wash is all it takes to keep it looking in tip-top condition

v. Child friendly – high quality artificial grass was created to withstand the rigours of professional sports thus, it makes sense that the same high quality product can not only withstand rambunctious play, but also look just as good once the kids have finished playing on it as it did the day it was installed

vi. No bald or brown patches – grass has a shallow root system so, as soon as the sun shines and the water ebbs away, the roots are effectively parched. Walking on it simply wears the plant down thus, you have bald or brown patches in your lawn

vii. No holes – correct installation of artificial grass at Rutherglen properties makes for a flat, useful surface on which you can play, relax and socialise, with no holes, lumps or bumps

viii. Pleasing to the eye – when it is professionally installed, artificial grass takes on a delightful look that is pleasing not only to your eye, but your neighbours, friends and family

ix. Choice – there are different kinds and shades of artificial grass and so you have a choice too and, because it is fully flexible it can be cut and fitted in all kinds of awkward spots and spaces

x. Increasingly availability – hot countries have long been advocates of artificial grass, adding a splash of all year-round colour. In the UK, many homeowners are realising that it is a material that can be versatile and a great addition to their garden.

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