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Artificial Grass Strathaven

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Strathaven.

Are you thinking of artificial grass at your Strathaven home?

If so, you are making a great choice but what is it that makes this product so good?

With any product or home improvement, you need to be clear about what it is you want or need from something and with artificial grass at your Strathaven home or business, if you want the following them it is the perfect product for you;

  • Minimal maintenance – mowing the lawn is not everyone’s idea of a great way to spend the evening. However, in the summer months, allow the grass to grow for longer than 10 days and it soon seems to turn in to a jungle. With artificial grass at your Strathaven home, there is no need to mow as all it needs is a sweep every now and then.
  • No need to water – again, lawns only look lush and green when they are well watered and well looked after. This includes not just the right amount of moisture, but drainage too, as well as weeding, seeding and scraping up detritus from the surface of the lawn to stop moss and weeds growing. Again, none of this is needed with artificial grass.
  • Environmentally friendly – many artificial lawn products are made from recycled plastics of one kind or another and once laid, do not give off any harmful chemicals etc. There is a consumption of energy in the process of making the product but, this is off-set by the fact that it is a product that last for a long time.
  • Many styles and types – it was a product first developed for the sporting pitch but now, for domestic use, there are all kinds of shades and types of artificial grass. Many people opt for a dark green and lush looking artificial grass at their Strathaven home. This gives a more natural appearance than a bright, vivid green colour.
  • Professional installation – the importance of professional installation cannot be underestimated. The lawn need to have a correct foundation on which to sit, which ensures the best in terms of rainwater soaking through.
  • Awkward corners or spots dealt with – every garden has one, at least. It is the part of the garden that will either not dry up or is too dry. There are no awkward spots when your use artificial grass as it can cover anywhere, from the strip down the side of the house, to the small portion of the front garden.

Artificial grass at your Strathaven home is a great way of adding much needed usability and functionality to outdoor space – and it is cost-effective too.

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