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Artificial Grass Wishaw

S&D provide a full artificial grass supply and installation service to customers in Wishaw.

Looking to install artificial grass at your Wishaw home?

Everything you need to know about the amazing benefits of this superb product are here… when will you invest in your artificial grass lawn at your Wishaw home?

  • Artificial grass is durable, far more durable that ‘real’ grass, and can be used in just about any area of your garden; no more muddy puddle, footprints or paw prints as children, adults, cats and dogs run in the house from the garden.
  • It is a versatile product too, with spaces such as roof terraces and walkways benefitting from the laying of artificial grass, especially by a professional, reputable company
  • Acting like a carpet, all it takes is a quick sweep to remove any accumulation of detritus and debris; in fact, in the early days of artificial grass at American baseball stadiums and the like, the grounds men used to vacuum the artificial playing surface…
  • Artificial grass at your Wishaw home needs only the small amount of maintenance, unlike a grassed lawn. Grass is, after all, a living plant and in order for it to remain looking green and healthy it needs watering, feeding and cutting
  • Weeds also have a habit of infiltrating a grass lawn and this again means that you will need to spend some time weeding them out, not a favourite past time of even the most ardent of gardeners
  • Artificial lawns at Wishaw homes are also environmentallyfriendly too; firstly, there is no need for fertilisers or use of any chemicalfeeds or weed killers, hence no phosphates or other chemicals are making their way in to the ground of drainage system
  • Secondly, in terms of the environment, during droughts or hose pipe bans there is no need for extensive watering from rain harvesters and the like, as your artificial lawn will remain looking lush and green. It is thought that in some places, 75% of the increased water use in domestic households during the summer months is for irrigation of lawns and grass.
  • Homes and businesses in hottercountries have long realised that the laying of real grass lawns is simply a waste of time and money hence, many people opt for artificial lawns and synthetic grass
  • Artificial grass at Wishaw homes is also easy to install BUT, it needs to be laid correctly, or else it will sag and undulated; this can affect how you use the lawn and can lead to be it breaking down as it is used

Is artificial grass something you are interested in for your Wishaw home? Why not call us?

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