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Decking - Airdrie

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Airdrie.

4 reasons to opt for decking at your Airdrie home

There are all kinds of home improvements that we can make that add value, appeal and usability to our homes. Indoors we make changes that fit our lifestyle and this is true of when we begin to change or update the outdoor space.

Whether you are looking to create a minimally maintained garden, or a garden full of luscious plants and features, decking can create a perfect space for you. And here we present four reasons why opting for decking at your Airdrie home can make all the difference…

I.  Long-lasting

Decking, when it is designed and constructed correctly, can be incredibly robust, strong and long-lasting. Wood decking is constructed from a high quality wood that has been pre-treated to withstand the weather. All it takes is a coat or two of stain to add an extra layer of protection as well as colour.

Worried about it being too slippery? There are products on the market that can make decking non-slip when conditions under foot are wet. Small grains in the stain makes for extra grip and with a widening choice of colours, your decking can take on a new lease of life.

II.   Wood or composite product

Traditionally, decking has been a one-level addition to a garden, usually on a stilt-like construction and made from wood.

But no rules are hard and fast, and so there are some incredible examples of wooden decking that is built over more than one level, and can now be made from a composite material.

Looking like wood, and acting like wood, this mix of materials means that the decking can have an even longer life, with less maintenance too.

III.  Awkward corners or slopes become useable

No all garden are flat and square. If your garden has an awkward corner, an under-utilised space or is sloping, then decking at your Airdrie home can instantly transform it. Offering more space, more usability and more functional space makes for a more useful garden.

IV.  Can be accessorised

The garden is an extension of the indoor space, a design trend that appeared some years and has yet to fade – and we don’t think that it will. Even though we may bemoan the weather and the lack of sun, temperatures can be fairly stable and thus moving from the home in to the garden can a great way of enjoying the outdoors.

But imagine being able to enjoy it more with the addition of decking at your Airdrie home.

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