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Decking - Bellshill

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Bellshill.

Decking and patios – the ‘official’ definitions – helping your making a choice for your Bellshill home!

Is it decking? Or is it a patio? These are surely questions which people ask of a frequent basis and not surprisingly, when you consider that both phrases are used interchangeably. But, there are subtle differences between the two and understanding these can ensure that have the right one built in your garden…

The patio

Patios is a Spanish word that refers to a courtyard of a house of building; traditionally, these courtyards were surrounded by walls and thus, in a traditional sense patios are usually connected to the house.

However, in recent years, the ‘modernising’ of the patio has meant that it is frequently situated away from the property and is now rarely enclosed by walls. Today, the main difference between the patio and decking at a Bellshill property tends to be two things:

i. Material – in the main, decking at Bellshill properties tend to be constructed from wood but, advances in recent years has meant that a composite material is now available that includes wood, but mixed with vinyl and recycled plastics, in some cases. These materials give the overall look of wood, but can last much longer and without the maintenance that wooden decking does require from time to time, whereas patios tend to be made from flags, stones or concrete.

ii. Height – decking is not necessarily at ground level like patios are; in fact, more and more Bellshill customers are realising that wooden decking can be what they need to transform some areas of the garden into useable space. Patios tend to be level with the ground, in some cases, sunken into the lawn so that it creates a smooth, flat, linear surface.

Usable space

Every addition to the garden, especially in the case of hard landscaping such as decking, should be something that adds usable and functional space.

Decking can do that in just about any situation. For example, many gardens are not the flat, green luscious lawned areas that we see in glossy magazines. They have undulations, dips and sections that mean plants, grass and shrubs cannot grow in them. These sections can be difficult to manage and can effectively mean that the part of garden is wasted…

But, decking at Bellshill properties can change all that. Decking can be raised off the ground by some considerable height and providing it is designed and constructed to a high standard, with safety features such as sturdy railings for support, decking can not only revolutionise your garden, but how you use it too!

Enjoy your Bellshill garden with the addition of decking; you know who to call…

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