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Decking - Bothwell

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Bothwell.

How to add interest and sparkle to decking at your Bothwell home

Thinking of investing in decking for your Kilmarnock home? If you are, you are making a great choice. Decking is an easy-to-maintain platform that works well at any home, whether it is for entertaining, relaxing, dining or for the kids to have somewhere safe to play.

But some people think that decking can look a little bland. If you tend to agree, you may be wondering if there is a way of making it look more interesting and attractive. Luckily, we have some great ideas to share with you…

#1 Paint

The decking at your Bothwell home does not have to be a boring colour. With the range of outdoor paints and stain ever increasing, there are all kinds of stunning effects and finishes you can create.

On trend pastel colours are perfect for lightning the whole decking area or, if you are thinking safety first, you can opt for specialist non-slip paint on the decking too.

As trends change, you can change the look of your decking too, by simply re-painting with other colours. This is also a great way to protect your decking from the weather too!

#2 Balustrade

A balustrade is the safety feature that prevents people from falling off the edge. In some cases, a balustrade may not be needed if there decking is at ground level; in other cases, it will be an essential component.

As well as opting for a wooden balustrade, there is also the possibility glass panels in balustrades too. This can make the decking in to even more of a feature at your home, and works really well with lighting and so on.

Not as expensive as you may think, it is incredibly robust, but pretty too.

#3 Lights

Adding outdoor lighting used to be an expensive job as it meant buying in the services of a qualified electrician, as well as investing in weatherproof wall sockets and so on.

Solar lighting hasn’t always enjoyed a good press, especially in the early days in which the lighting was weak and only lasted for a short time. Advances in solar panel technology means that lighting of this kind is now much better, not only being more luminescent but lasting longer too.

Even better, you unfurl the lights out of the box, point the small solar panel at the sun and that really is it! Glowing lights in no time.

#4 Outdoor furniture, rugs and cushions

Plastic chairs are not the only option you will be pleased to know. There is a great range of well-priced furniture, along with rugs and cushion that are weatherproof, so no lugging heavy furniture into the shed or garage in case of rain.

Invest in decking at your Bothwell home with S&D Projects.

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