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Decking - Clarkston

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Clarkston.

Garden Decking Clarkston

Sprucing up the garden with a functional ‘feature’ – opting for wooden decking at your Clarkston home

There are many ways to spruce up your garden from adding a new, colourful border to making larger changes, such as adding wooden decking.

However, there are many ideas that compete for your attention and money;

  • Grass is great but, as we all know, after a few weeks of no rain in the summer, it soon looks parched and dry; it can also be uneven making playing or entertaining on it slightly precarious
  • Paved areas are great too and when they are initially done, they look great but, once the weeds start creeping in, in the smallest of cracks and crevices, it can start to look untidy.

Luckily, there is an alternative for your Clarkston garden in the shape of wooden decking…

3 reasons why wooden decking makes a great addition in any Clarkston garden…

i. It is a natural product that looks lovely in any garden, regardless of design from the traditional to the minimalist. It enhances the garden, regardless of its size too, making separate areas in larger gardens, as well as creating or adding to the functionality of the smaller garden

ii. Wooden decking is easy to install in Clarkston gardens, especially when created by professionals; working with wood takes skill and ability, as well as a whole heap of tools but what is created is a secure, useable and beautiful wooden deck on which to sit and relax, or entertain and eat

iii. Not only is it robust, wooden decking at your Clarkston property will last a long, long time, especially if you look after it. Naturally weather resistant and environmentally friendly, wooden decking is a welcome addition to any garden…

But, there may be downsides, depending on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes…

  • You need to look after your wooden decking, hence if you do not fancy giving it a coat of stain once a year or so, then this is not for you – and of course, the bigger the deck, the more time you will have to spend staining it
  • The colour fades and it does weather in the harsh climate we can sometimes be prone to here in Scotland; some people don’t like this weather, preferring to select another material that stays looking pristine
  • Cheaper varieties and materials, however, can warp and bend so if you do not have the budget for the right kind of wood, it may be better to look at other materials rather than opting for soft wood…

Of course, having the decking designed, created and built by professionals is a great way if getting the right decking for you that enhances, balances and complements your garden.

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