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Decking - Coatbridge

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Coatbridge.

How the right design of decking at your Coatbridge home can bring so much more to a space

Decking in a garden can bring so much versatility and increase usable space but, there are some small additions and changes that can ramp up the effects even more.

And so, as you sit and design the decking at your Coatbridge home, what can you add to create an even better space?

Transforming your outdoor space

Decking is all about adding shape, texture, form and space to a garden. The great thing about decking is that it can turn an unusable corner of the garden into a socialising and play area.

Sometimes, we want and need more than just a square, planked area and the versatility of decking at your Coatbridge home means that you can accessorise it, enhancing it to be the functional space you need;

  • Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important, extending the usability of a space instantly. No longer do you have to retreat inside as daylight fades and neither does it need to be a dark space. Lights adds an instant extra layer of safety to a decking too.

Worried about energy bills? Clearly, leaving the lights on outside is just as unfavourable as leaving a light on indoors but with solar lighting there is no need to worry. Solar panels are now so sophisticated at harvesting solar energy, that the lighting on the decking can be incredibly bright and useful.

  • Accessorise with cushions, rugs and furniture

Investing in outdoor furniture has become even more difficult in recent years, with the choice of furniture, outdoor cushions and accessories even larger than before that making a choice can be so very difficult!

Furniture is now even hardier, able to withstand the elements and only need a light, water proof covering to protect them from persistent rain to keep them looking good. Cushions and rugs are now manufactured with material able to withstand both the rain, wind, cold and sun etc. too meaning that these last much longer.

Just two ideas

These are just two ideas of how decking at your Coatbridge home can be transformed from a bland space, to a colourful and functional outdoor decked area. There are many other ideas – pergolas for shade, clever choice of plants for sweet aromas throughout the day into the evening


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