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Decking - Dullatur

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Dullatur.

Questions about adding decking to your Dullatur home?

We have the answers…

I am thinking of adding decking to my garden but not it is the right option. How do I know if decking is right for me and my family?

Decking is a versatile addition to ANY home. What makes a crucial difference is how it is designed. This means making sure that you get the decking at your Dullatur property designed for you and your needs.

For example, you may want the decking as a simple, flat platform, connected to your property and on which the children can play safely. Or maybe, you want it as a space to entertain friends and family with a BBQ and so on. In this case, you may want something a little larger, as well as spread over more than one level.

Make a list of what you intend using your decking for and then prioritise this list against the budget you have to spend on it.

Is decking expensive?

Decking is a cost-effective addition to your Dullatur home and one that can last a long time, as well as offering a space that can be used in many different ways.

The more complex your design, the more time is needed preparing and building the structure that will support the top layer of decking. Clearly, a simpler design will take less time thus can be easier on a tight budget!

However, you can turn an ‘ordinary’ decking into something extraordinary simply by adding furniture, cushions, rugs, lanterns and so on.

How much maintenance is involved in keeping the decking looking good?

Many people believe that there is a lot of maintenance needed in keeping the decking not only looking good, but safe too.

Wooden decking will need the odd bit of maintenance every now and then but the good news is, this is not more than a sweep and possibly a clean with a stiff bristle brush, usually to sweep away the detritus left by the winter weather.

It may need a coat of paint or stain every now and then but in our experience, this is not so much a chore but the way in which people personalise and update the look of the decking at their Wishaw home.

Painting or staining a deck does not take long and neither is this something that needs to be done every few months.

Is it a DIY job?

Many people do successfully build and create their own decking at their Wishaw home but for a professional finish and a safe, sound structure, why not let the professionals do it? And it is not as costly as you think… Call us today to find out more!

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