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Decking - Kilmarnock

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Kilmarnock.

How to accessorise the decking at your Kilmarnock home to give it the wow factor!

Decking is superb for any garden; it can transform a dull, unusable portion of outdoor space is to a delightful platform, perfect for playing, relaxing and socialising.

But, when adding this great space and platform to your garden, why leave it plain? Accessorise it, and really make a statement from the decking you have added to your Kilmarnock garden…

  • ·        Paint or stain

Wood is the traditional choice for decking at many a Kilmarnock garden and this means one thing – you can stain or paint it virtually any colour you like! In most cases, the wood will benefit from an extra layer of protection against the weather, from the erosive effects of rainwater to the bleaching and drying effects of sun.

Stains tend to give a lighter colour whilst still allowing the grain to show through, with paint providing more in the way of absolute coverage.

  • ·        Lighting

Often underrated as people assume this means messy and expensive work connecting the lights to the main power supply however, many solar powered lighting can now be used to offer fabulous lighting that is much better that the weak light cast by the early examples of solar powered lights.

Why not try hiding the lights under the rail decking, so that they cast a glow all-round the edge?

  • ·        Include water and planting

Again, including features in the decking at your Kilmarnock home can add loads of interest in an otherwise bland space. Water is incredibly relaxing, and planting shrubs and flowers that release sweet scents throughout the day in to the evening is a great way of adding layers of sensory experience to a space too.

  • ·        Seating

The choice of outdoor furniture is certainly increasing in range. Add to this the outdoor rugs and cushions that can now be bought, and you can instantly transform the decking at your Kilmarnock home into a bright, colourful, comfortable and welcoming space.

  • ·        Pergolas and shading

Not everyone is a sun worshipper and thus, sitting in full sun, baking in the heat of the day may not everyone’s choice! We all welcome a bit of shade and this can easily be added to decking with a ‘matching’ pergola. This is an additional structure that can be built across the whole of the decking, or a portion of it. You can then train climbing plants to wind their way up the posts or you can add shade with the use of voile panels hung from the rafters. These pergolas also allow you to add other accessories by hanging items from them.

Decking is a fabulous way of adding character and functionality to a Kilmarnock garden – isn’t this something you would like to try?

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