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Decking - Lenzie

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Lenzie.

What can decking bring to your Lenzie home?

When it comes to decking, many people assume that it is just like a patio, except it is made from wood, in most cases. However, there is a versatility to decking that makes it the ideal addition to any garden, including yours. Here’s how…

Makes a garden or space more user-friendly

Decking at a Lenzie garden can instantly add a useable and safe space to a garden, perfect for when undulations in the garden make enjoying it a little more difficult.

This could be almost balcony style protruding from the back of your property, adding usable space for dining, relaxing, playing and so on.

More than one level

Decking can be on the one level. It can be simple, yet effective. But what we think sets decking apart from patios is how versatile it can be, with the addition of as much detail as you want.

For example, many people choose to have different levels in their decking, creating a stepped area, as well as more ornate designs that are perfect for creating a focal point in the garden.

Accessorise too!

Decking at your Lenzie property can be accessorised as much or as little as you like. Some people prefer and want the one, flat level of decking space whereas others want to make more of a splash.

The budget can prevent a lot of your decking dreams however, but the solution is to accessorise it – and there are all kinds of options…

  • Outdoor rugs – there is an increasing range of rugs specifically for use outdoors, Bright and colourful, they both colour and texture, as well as interest to decking at a Lenzie property
  • Outdoor cushions and seating – gone are the days when a plastic chair was the only weather proof option for outdoor furniture. There is a growing range of sofa-like outdoor furniture, complete with weatherproof cushions. Add throws too for when the evening cools off a little.
  • Lighting – lights and decking make the perfect combination and with the increasing number of solar-powered lighting options, the need for a qualified electrician is negated. Why does the party have to stop, just because the sun is going down?
  • Glass balustrade – for some decking projects, a balustrade is essential because there is a drop which someone could be hurt should they fall. In some cases, the addition of a balustrade is a decorative move; either way, we love the addition of a glass balustrade. Modern and minimalist, it won’t detract from the beauty of the decking in your Lenzie garden.

How will you dress up your decking?

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