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Decking - Mearnskirk

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Mearnskirk.

6 Benefits of adding decking to your Mearnskirk home

Whenever you add something to your home or garden, it needs to be an improvement. It needs to adds function and form; it also needs to make any space easier to use. It needs to look good too. It can seem like a tall order, incorporating all these things into your design but with decking, you have no need to worry.

As an addition to your garden, it brings many benefits, six of which we outline below;

1. The perfect platform – from hosting parties, to BBQs on lazy summer afternoons, to lazing in the sun reading the latest best-selling book, to the kids playing, it is the perfect platform that is safe and just delightful.

2. The value of your home could increase – every addition, subtraction and extension you make to your home should add value and not detract from it. Spending your hard-earned cash on decking in your Mearsnkirk garden will not add tens of thousands of pounds onto the value of your property but what it will do is two-fold;

  • It adds financial value, but a small amount as it shows your home is cared for and well-maintained
  • It adds appeal, a sense of buyers getting something more for their money than a house down the road in the same price bracket.

3. Expands your living space – we may think that we are not gifted with months and months of dry, hot weather but this should not stop you from enjoying the outdoors. In fact, bringing the indoors and your outdoor space to meet in the middle is a design phenomenon that has been around for some time. Throw open the bi-folding doors and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on your decked terrace!

4. Quick to build – some home improvements seem to take forever, don’t they? You design it, buy the materials, work on it and somehow, it is never quite finishes, even though it has taken weeks to ‘complete’. Not with decking – you can design it and have it built, within days depending on the size of it.

5. Looks stunning – paint it, varnish it, festoon it with lights, choose accessories and furniture but whichever way you look at the decking at your Mearsnkirk garden, it will look stunning.

6. Cost-effective – and you get all of this for a lot less than you think too! There are all kinds of changes and improvement we would like to make to our homes but the one thing that stops us is money. It can be hard, finding the money to sink into a project but with decking, the results are simply stunning for only a little outlay.

Find out what other benefits there are to decking at your Mearsnkirk home by contacting us today!

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