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Decking - Milngavie

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Milngavie.

Make it a feature – how decking at your Milngavie property can add texture, shape and form

You may view decking with pragmatic eyes and a practical sense because, after all, decking is meant to be used. Hence, in its design and build, a decked area such be functional, fitting perfectly with your needs and wants of your outdoor space.

But we think that decking can be so much more than just an expanse of space; it can be a feature, an object at which guests will marvel at, slightly envious, perhaps, that they don’t have this in their garden.

Works well in small spaces

Not all decked areas have to be vast and neither does the garden have to be gargantuan in size for decking to play a part.

We love the idea of creating a seating area, with a two-layered decked area. Stepping stones lead the way through a sea of gravel to the decking, which is complete with two comfy looking outdoor chairs or sofa. Add a hint of night-time elegance with a soft-glow lamp as well as small lights fitted into the decking step.

Add water

If you are looking to create a decked space to relax on, the addition of water is great for creating a soothing sense to a space.

Opt for a water feature that has a slow water movement so that within minutes of sitting of there, you feel your senses slow down and unwind after a long day.

The addition of heat

One thing about our gardens is that we can sometimes feel we only have a short period of time within which to enjoy them. In the UK, the end of June signals the turning of the earth back to the evenings drawing in once again and yet it can feel like we haven’t started summer.

As soon as the sun drops, the garden can feel chilly but with decking, you can add heat. You may settle for a patio heater but the gas bottle can be expensive, as well as there being questions about its environmental impact.

Fire pits are the perfect addition to a decked area, although you would think that wooden decking and heat wouldn’t mix! This is not the case with a protective layer being incorporated beneath the fire pit for added safety. This means you can stay huddle around the hypnotic flames for as long as you want.

Soft, glowing lights

We mentioned lighting earlier but there is no doubt, that lighting the decking at your Milngavie home adds a sense of romance – as well as making the space far more functional when day light fades.

How will you dress the decking at your Milngavie home?

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