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Decking - Motherwell

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Motherwell.

How to create decadent decking at your Motherwell home

Any improvement we make to the interior and exterior of our home should add many things but sometimes, we want to add a little something else – appeal is all well and good but we want to add a little bit of wow!

Adding a touch of luxury, something different can be easy… when you know how so why not take a look at these ideas?


Ok, adding outdoor lights is no big deal but, where you put them and how they work can make them even more appealing.

Adding coloured bulbs or the ability for colour changing lights can change the whole ambience of a decking at a Motherwell home so take your time considering how you want the space to look. Remember, red tones add the feeling of warmth and excitement, blue adds a coolness to a space and warm white and soft yellowy glows offer romance and gentleness to a space.

Where you put your lights, can also make a difference too. Wood is a versatile material, and so drilling a whole to encapsulate a run of small LED bulbs will not compromise its strength or robustness.

How about lights in the wall or along the path leading to the decking that flicker on when they detect motion?

Think colour, think solar lighting, think soft glow rather than security lighting starkness.


There are times when even on the warmest summer’s day, there can be a chill in the air as the sun lowers in the sky.

Patio heaters do not always get the best reviews, expensive to buy and run as are heaters fitted to the ‘walls’ of a pergola and so on.

The heat that they give off can also be too intense. In an outdoor space such as decking at your Motherwell home, the best kind of heat is one from a natural source.

Thus fire pits are all the rage.

Think that a wooden decking and a fire pit are not a marriage made in heaven? For obvious reasons, applying a pad of heat over a prolonged period on to wood will cause it to char which is why you need sit on a fire proofed platform. This is something that we can, and have, incorporated into decking at Motherwell properties and beyond.


Lights can add colour. Plants and flowers add colour to the space around the decking – as well as delicious wafting scents of an evening.

But, you can add more colour. Be as bright and daring as you want, as clashing as you feel you want to be or, opt for softer, more muted tones with outdoor rugs and cushions.

How will you create a decadent decking at your Motherwell home?



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