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Decking - Stamperland

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Stamperland.

Planning decking at your Stamperland garden – what do you need to bear in mind?

Decking is a great addition to any garden. Strong, robust and durable, decking at your Stamperland garden will also look good, as well as adding a layer to your outdoor space that you can use any time of the day and year.

Designing the perfect deck is not impossible, and is something that many people have done but, there are some factors that you need to bear in mind.

  • Lie of the land – one thing that is important is where your decking is going to be placed. It doesn’t have to be attached to your property. Some people choose to build the decking away from their property as this is the place where they will have a mix of sun and shade and so on. What can increase the cost of decking is when the raised platform is being built over uneven ground. This requires more foundation work, with heavier posts to ensure the structure is safe. If your budget is limited, consider the best place to build the decking.
  • Size – just like a patio, you need the decking at your Stamperland property to be the right size for what you intend using it for. For example, if you plan on BBQ-ing, hosting family and friends then it needs to be bigger than a six-foot square. But, if you want it as a slightly raised platform to enjoy the sun on a summer’s day, then a 28-foot rectangle will be too big for what you need it for.
  • Shape – you possible are used to seeing decking as a rectangle or square. These are simple and effective shapes to opt for. This means minimal cutting and shaping of wood, as well as less time spent creating the sub-structure. But opting for a shaped decking is not as difficult as you think. With the right skills and tools, it is possible to create curved edges to steps and edges of your decking.
  • Purpose – we have fleetingly mentioned this in the first point but it is important that you not only consider how you will use the decking now but how this could change in the future. Decking made from wood does need some maintenance (composite materials less so) thus, you might not want a vast expanse of deck that you need to clean and paint every now and then.

Decking is a welcome addition to many homes and gardens, and your outdoor space will open up with the addition of a well-designed, built and safe decked space.

And safe yourself time and energy by having it built for you – contact S&D Projects today!

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