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Decking - Uddingston

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Uddingston.

Creating a perfect outdoor space on decking at your Uddingston home

You have taken a leap and designed, created and installed decking at your Uddingston home. You are now left with a platform, the bare bones of a fantastic outdoor space that can really become something luxurious, versatile and functional.

But, how can you add that touch of ‘something’ different?

  • Add shade

Many people opt for have a further wooden structure built to match their decking that allows for a certain amount of shade to be cast over the decking. Although you want to sit and bask in the warmth of the sun, when there is little or no shade, it can also be unbearable to sit there.

A pergola type structure can then have climbing plants trained up it – add those with delicate scents for when you sit during the evening for maximum effect. You could also have a roof added so that you can use the decking at your Uddingston home regardless of the weather.

  • Add colour

Colour can change how we feel about being in a space. Red, oranges and yellows offer warmth, and blue tones can offer a feeling of coolness.

Adding colour can be done by adding lighting but, just like the interior of your home, you can add colour with accessories too. Think scatter cushions and rugs too, all specially made for the outdoors.

Follow the same rules outdoors as you would indoors; choose two colours and a third as an accent colour. Or, better still, choose a style.

What’s hot right now? Moroccan inspired patterns, deep hues of pinks and purples, with streaks of gold. Finished off the look with silver or brass lanterns, perfect for larger, outdoor pillar candles.

  • Add furniture

The range of garden furniture has expanded considerably in recent years, with more choice on offer to those looking to create the perfect relaxing and socialising space on their decking at their Uddingston property.

If dining is your thing, then opt glass topped table and upright dining chairs, or if you are using it to relax or socialise why not opt for a sofa and cushions?

  • Add shade

As well as investing in a built pergola style shading on the decking, there are also some amazing shade canopies that look similar to sails. A great way to add a hint of colour too, but shade that can be left up throughout the spring and summer, well in to autumn.

Decking at your Uddingston home should be inviting, welcoming and adorable – how will your create yours?



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