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Decking - Wishaw

S&D provide a full garden decking supply and building service to customers in Wishaw.

Why decking at your Wishaw property is a great investment…

We all look after our homes, making additions and changes that suit us; some things we do create more space and some things we do, make a space more ornate, enjoyable and functional.

Many of the adaptations we make are in the home but, when budgets allow, many Wishaw homeowners look to their gardens and how they can make them not only more enjoyable, but more functional.

What can decking achieve for you?

Less gardening

Not everyone has green fingers and this can show, when you look out over your garden and see a lawn that is far from lush and green, as well as weeds and other unwanted plants growing in the borders!

Just as not everyone has the skills or expertise to create a beautiful garden, not everyone has the time to make the garden into a place of colour and vibrancy. For many Wishaw homeowners, the answer could lay in decking.

It creates a platform on which you can accessories to your heart’s content; it does not have to be a massive void of wooden planks either. You can accessorise it with planters, water features, a pergola and so much more!

More garden

But, many people assume that the decking will swamp the garden. The beauty in planning, designing and building decking for Wishaw customers is that you decide on how big you want it, where you want it etc.

Many people find that decking, because it can be raised above the ground, actually affords them more garden as it covers parts of the garden that had been unusable – the slope, the tangled mess of weeds or the section of the garden that always seems to present an issue, such as too dry or too wet.

Colour and character

No one wants a garden that is devoid of colour or character, which is something that decking at your Wishaw can provide too. Accessorise it – include water in the construction – or add the accessories after it has been built and complete – the seating, the big, soft cushions, the outdoor rug, the hanging lanterns… the list could go on and on.

Decking is functional, yet beautiful. Made from wood, it can also now be made from a composite material, a mix of hard wood and recycled plastic. Needing less maintenance, many people opt for this material.

Whichever material you use, decking at your Wishaw home will add a timeless piece of functional elegance; why not see your garden burst in to life again, and be usable all year round? Contact us for a free quotation today.

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