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Double-Glazing Windows Airdrie

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Airdrie.

8 Reasons why Double Glazing Windows at Airdrie Properties are the Perfect Addition

Double glazing windows are so common these days that we sometimes forget what they bring to a property. Let’s remind ourselves why double glazing windows at your Airdrie home are beneficial;


1)      Money you spend on heating – who wants to spend a growing chunk of their income on heating bills? No one, which is why double glazing windows and doors are the perfect addition to your home.

2)      Noise pollution in your home – if you live in a thriving town or city, or on a busy residential street, you will know just how noisy it can be, especially at rush hour. Double glazed windows offer the ideal solution as the drastically reduce traffic noise in your home.

3)      Carbon Footprint – your carbon footprint is how much carbon you put into the atmosphere because of activities such as heating and lighting your home. By reducing your carbon footprint, double glazing windows reduce negative impact on the environment.

4)      Maintenance – wooden frames need attention. They need to be painted and cleaned on a regular basis to stop them rotting but even with a high level of care, wood eventually rots away and needs replacing. uPVC double glazing windows at your Airdrie property need very little, if any, maintenance.


5)      Security at your home – as well as being difficult to break, double glazed windows can come complete with a high level of security, with locking handles and several points of contact throughout the window frame.

6)      Comfort – no outside noise, a warmer home etc. all point to one thing: a home that is more comfortable and more pleasant to live in.

7)      Stylish look to your home – you want the exterior of your home to look great because it gives the right impression. This is important for you and your visitors but, if you are selling your home, upping the kerb-appeal of your property is a savvy move.

8)      Value – when your home is energy efficient – this will include a mix of double glazed windows and doors, insulation and other modifications – it has a better energy efficient rating as part of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This increases its value as it is a home that is cheaper to run. This is not only beneficial when selling your home but if you also rent out a property to tenants.

What other benefits of double glazing windows at your Airdrie home can you think of?

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