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Double-Glazing Windows Bearsden

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Bearsden.

Double-Glazing Windows Company Bearsden

If you are looking for Double-Glazing Windows in the Bearsden area S&D can help. We have many years experience supplying and installing high quality double-glazing windows.

Thinking of installing double glazing windows at your Bearsden property?

Double glazing windows at your Bearsden could save you money, a very welcome prospect at any time. It is a common and well-known fact that all properties lose heat through windows but not only will energy efficient windows improve your bank balance, they will also make your home far warmer and quitter.

If you are looking for buy new or replace double glazing windows in your Bearsden property, you may be wonder what all the fuss is about? What is double glazing and why do two panes of glass work so much better than one?

The science…

Double glazed windows are two panes of glass with a small gap between them. This gap creates an insulating barrier, a void through which heat cannot pass, hence heat is reflected back into the room or building rather than being lost.

Early example of double glazing windows at Bearsden properties had a vacuum between the two panes of glass, an expanse of air that meant heat could not be lost but, in order for these windows to work efficiently and maintain this efficiency, the seal of the window needed to be excellent. Once this started to fail, the vacuum would essentially be no more, resulting in poor energy efficiency.

And so, with the advent of new technology and better understanding, these vacuum space is now filled with a heavy, inert – in other words, inactive gas – such as Argon, Krypton or Xenon. The use of these gases create an effective thermal insulation barrier.

Of course, it is not just the composition and structure of double glazing windows for your Bearsden property that is important, although the energy efficiency rating is worth bearing in mind, it is also how the units look.

Frames can be wooden or uPVC; styles are also many and varied so that you can retain the traditional character and visual appeal of your property. To help you decided on the right double glazing windows at your Bearsden property, various window and door manufacturers have created an energy rating system, with those A-rated units being the most efficient.

When ‘measuring’ this energy efficiency, manufacturers look at a variety of factors such as the how well the frame will seal in a property stopping warmth from escaping, as well as factors such as how much sunlight can reach the room.

In summary…

Technology moves on so fast that it can be difficult to keep up but one question many customers ask is regarding triple glazing benefits over installing double glazing windows at their Bearsden properties. Despite the extra layer of glass, many industry experts believe that double glazing units, with a 16mm gap between panes, offer the same energy efficiency as adding a third layer of glass.

Style and appeal is important but overall, check the energy rating of windows before you buy, choosing A rated ones to save you the most money and give you the warmth and noise insulation you need.

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