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Double-Glazing Windows Cambuslang

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Cambuslang.

What Are the Real benefits of Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing has become an accepted part of updating your home or business premises, so much so that it is easy to forget why double glazing is so important.

Let us remind you of some of the benefits of double glazing…

They insulate your property

Insulation is critical in holding on to heat in your home, but also keeping it cooler in summer. There are many ways in which you can insulate your home;

  • 270mm loft insulation in between joists in the loft
  • Roofing insulation, such as spray foam on the underside of the roof
  • Wall insulation, either cavity or solid wall insulation
  • Flooring insulation, especially on the ground floor to minimise heat loss to the ground
  • Double glazing windows at your property will also help to retain heat, as will double glazed or composite external doors.

They reduce noise pollution in the home too

You will not realise how much noise penetrates your home until you have high quality double glazing windows fitted at your property!

For anyone living on a busy street in a town or city, noise from pedestrians and passing traffic can reach several decibels. But because we become accustomed to it, we don’t realise just how loud these noises can be.

For improved comfort in your home, double glazed doors and windows significantly reduce the amount of noise that leaks into your property. This means not only a pleasant space to live but a better night’s sleep too, in many cases!

They save you money

There are not many home improvements that we make that add value and earn money back for us at the same time.

Double glazing windows at your Cambuslang home or business will reduce your heating bill because they are better at keeping heat in. This means you won’t be spending as much on your heating bill to stay warm.

They also improve the energy efficiency of your home and this adds value. In fact, most buyers and tenants looking for a domestic or commercial property to rent will always opt for the property with double glazing over the one that doesn’t…

They make your property look more appealing

In order to create the right impression to everyone, from buyers to customers, you need your home or business property to look neat and tidy, as well as well-maintained.

Double glazing windows help to create the right impression. They don’t need any maintenance, other than washing with warm, soapy water from time to time. That means they stay looking great for longer.

Isn’t it time you looked at our range of double glazing windows for your property?

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