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Double-Glazing Windows Clarkston

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Clarkston.

Your Questions on Double Glazing Windows for Your Property Answered

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about double glazing and its impact on a property…

If a property is listed, can it still have modern things like double glazing windows and doors fitted?

You will need to consult with your local planning department as unlike other properties, to install double glazing windows and doors at a listed property may require planning permission.

It is recognised, however, that ALL properties, listed or otherwise, need to be comfortable and energy efficient places for people to live and work. But clearly, any changes and improvements need to be sympathetic to the era of the property.

Double glazing windows for all properties can be made to certain specifications and design, ensuring that they support the appeal of the property, rather than detract from it.

Are bespoke double-glazed windows expensive?

The cost of double glazed windows directly reflects their quality, of the frame and of the glass. What can add significant costs is any special openings or styles you require, such as a sash window.

However, we think that spending on a quality product is an essential investment;

  • Quality double glazing windows will give you a better return in terms of increased energy efficiency
  • All double-glazed units require little, if any maintenance, but a quality products means a better locking system and more robust handles and hinges
  • You also get a better-quality plastic frame, important if you are looking for a certain colour or finish, such as imitation wood

How long does installation take?

You will be amazed at how quick and simple replacing windows can be.

Our designer will accurately measure for each window being replaced. You will then make your choice of frame colour and finish, along with how the window opens (or not, in some cases, when a sealed unit is required).

The designer then passes these measurements and plans to the build team, who set to work creating each bespoke window from scratch. Depending on the size of your order, this make take several week.

Once complete, our installation team will call to make a date and time for when they can start an installation. Our team usually install one window at a time, ensuring that they get the right finish so that the new windows are snuggly fitted.

Again, it can take several days but our team will give you an indication of how quickly they will complete the task in hand.

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