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Double-Glazing Windows East Kilbride

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in East Kilbride.

Double-Glazing Windows Company East Kilbride

Invest in warmth – install or upgrade the double glazing windows at your East Kilbride property

Every property, whether a domestic dwelling or a busy business premises can substantially benefit from double glazed windows (and doors!); not only will they save you money on your energy bills, but your property will feel more comfortable and cosy, as well as a lot quieter. Many people do not realise until double glazed windows have been installed, how much noise they do cut out…

WHY install double glazing windows at your East Kilbride property?

There are many distinct benefits including:

  • Estimates are that B rated window (a high energy efficiency)  could shave off around £165 off your energy bills each year (figures are not accurate and will or could change from property to property)
  • Improves home security as double glazing windows at your East Kilbride property are far harder to ‘break and enter’
  • Make your home quieter, cutting out unwanted external noise
  • Correctly installed double glazed units can increase not only the saleability of your property but increase its value too

Aren’t they expensive to buy and install?

Installing double glazing windows at your East Kilbride property is an investment that in the short term will give you many benefits, as well as noticeable longer term benefits too.

Choosing your windows can come down to price, as well as the style you think will suit your property too. There are variations in the energy efficiency of double glazed windows and so it is important to remember this as you browse the choices on offer.

Those windows displaying the top A-rating for energy efficiency, filled with a heavy inert gas in between the two panes of glass will be considerably more than ‘standard’ double glazing.

The moral of this story? Get the best double glazing rated windows your budget will allow!

What about building regulations and planning consent?

Thankfully, there are very few restrictions of installing new or upgrading double glazing windows at East Kilbride properties, although it always pays to do your research first BEFORE having any work done or purchasing new windows.

Those properties in conservations areas may find their choices slightly more limited but with the UK and Scottish Governments drive to make homes and business premises more energy efficient, the need for double glazing is obvious.

Take your time and do the research to not only get the best windows within budget but also the right local installer. Installer costs can vary significantly so it is important to following the Golden Rule of Home Improvements – get three quotations for a like-for-like project, meaning do not change the parameters of the project in between quotes, otherwise comparison will be difficult. 

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