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Double-Glazing Windows Giffnock

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Giffnock.

Do Double Glazing Windows Really Save Money?

This and other questions answered!

Yes, double glazing windows (and doors) do save you money. They are a wise investment and can help your finances in many ways…

  • Spend less on bills – the cost of heating a home is growing by the year. Yet again, the Big Six energy suppliers have announced a hike in their prices. Thus, property owners need to take steps now to insulate their property as best they can. There are many ways you can make you home warmer and cheaper to hear, with double glazing windows being one of them. They stop heat loss and that means a warmer home with lower heating bills.
  • Add value to your property – as well as saving you money on your heating bills, when it comes time to sell your property, double glazed windows and doors can make your home far more attractive. It looks better and neater, and buyers will know that with good quality double glazing windows, it will be a cheaper property to heat than others.

But what about listed properties or really old ones? Won’t double glazing stand out a mile?

Gone are the days when double glazing windows were only available with white plastic frames!

In fact, the range, colour and style of frames has increased significantly in recent years. There is now more choice which means you can choose a coloured frame that sits with the appeal of your home or choose a finish that either stands out or blends in with your property.

There are also assorted styles of openings too, so you can replace the windows without compromising on the authenticity of the era and style of your property.

But are all these bespoke designs really expensive?

The cost of double glazing has decreased in recent years. As well as better material that are cheaper to produce, the design and build process has also been refined and streamlined.

This means great savings for customers but without compromising on quality. In fact, modern double-glazing windows and doors are of superior quality than those units installed 20 years or so ago.

Like other aspects of your property, bespoke double-glazing windows of the highest quality are an investment in your property. Why wouldn’t you want the best?

The answer in short is this: you want the best for your property because it is a long-term investment. And you want it to look appealing, but be energy efficient too.

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