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Double-Glazing Windows Newton Mearns

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Newton Mearns.

5 Reasons Why Double-Glazing Windows are Great for Your Property

Double glazing is well-known, with many homeowners already invested in them for their properties. But early examples of double glazed windows and doors are no longer as efficient as they once were.

And that means taking a look at our impressive range of double glazing windows and the benefits they offer;


Unlike single pane glass, double glazing windows are made from toughened glass and this means that it is harder to break.

This is great news when you want your windows to stand firm in the face of burglars or damage.


Every now and then, the exterior of a property benefits from some care and attention. With old style windows and doors, this means sanding down frames and doors, priming and then painting with a colour of your choice.

No matter how many times you do it, wood will warp and rot eventually. If you want to give the exterior of your property renewed appeal, consider replacing your current windows and doors with double glazed units.


Being energy efficient is something we all have to do. Our properties need to be well insulated. That means ensuring loft insulation meets the current standard as well as investing in other methods such as wall insulation.

Double glazing windows at your property will add an extra layer of energy efficiency to your home. By keeping it cooler in winter and keeping it warmer in winter, not only will your home be comfortable, it will be cheaper to heat in winter too.


If you sit close to a window, there will be a draught, especially if it is a single paned window or door. This can make for an uncomfortable space.

But, not only that, double glazing windows at your property will also reduce the amount of noise pollution that penetrates the property. This gives your home or business premises and all round more pleasant feel to it.


Every change you make, you do so to improve your home or property for you, and how you use it. But with property being a long-term investment, you will have a keen eye on maintaining and improving its value.

Double glazing improves the appeal of a property, as well as making it more efficient. This makes it desirable over and above other properties with no double-glazing windows or old, or poor-quality products.

With our impressive range of products and amazing installation teams, you will have all these benefits and more. Why not call us?

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