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Double-Glazing Windows Paisley

S&D provide a full double-glazing windows supply and installation service to customers in Paisley.

Double-Glazing Windows Company Paisley

Double glazing Windows for your Paisley property – a great way to save money!

Everyone these days in conscious of the amount they spend on household bills; with the UK economy recovering far slower than expected from the recent recession, many homeowners are finding that they still need to keep an eye on their household expenditure.

As a result, many people are looking for savings but, as with many factors to do with your home, sometimes the best savings are gained after investing in your property – and investing in double glazing windows at your Paisley pad is a great way to save money, before the year end!

Where and how will you save money… and what else are your saving?

How welcome would smaller energy bills be, as well as the feeling of being more comfortable, snug and warm? Energy efficient double glazing windows at your Paisley property – domestic and business – will see you spend less on your heating bills this winter!


  • Because you are using less energy to heat your home, you will have a smaller carbon footprint – in other words, you will be pumping less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  • There will be fewer draughts and cold spots, two things that when eliminated will make using your home far more enjoyable
  • Harmony, peace and quiet can be brought to the inside of your home; very few people realise how much of external noise is effectively limited with the installation of double glazing windows at your Paisley property
  • And finally, condensation build up on the inside of the windows is greatly reduced

What to look for when choosing double glazing windows for your Paisley home or business?

Keep in mind the following three factors:

i. The Glass – a recent innovation within the last few years has been Low-E glass. One pane of glass has an invisible coating of metal oxide on it, increasing the energy efficiency of the window by reducing heat loss but letting in light and solar heat.

ii. The Gap – at one time, the gap was filled with nothing more than ‘ordinary’ air but with our increase in understanding, some double glazing windows installed in Paisley home and businesses now have a gap filled with gases such as argon, xenon or krypton.

iii. The Pane Spacers – modern double glazing windows not have space pacers that ensure the gap remains but many of these spacers were once metal, meaning that small amounts of heat was conducted out of room. Now, many of these spacers now contain little or no metal, making the window even more energy efficient.

There are many choices when it comes to installing double glazing windows at your Paisley property, including the energy rating of the chosen windows, as well as the type of frames that you like and will suit your property.

Take a fresh look at double glazing windows and doors today and see how your home could be warmer and draught-free this winter.

For FREE information and advice about our double-glazing window solutions, contact S&D TODAY!

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