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Concrete Driveways Glasgow

S&D provide a full Concrete driveways supply and installation service to customers in Glasgow.

Why is concrete a popular choice for Glasgow driveways?

Concrete is a popular choice for many Glasgow customers for their driveways for a variety of reasons, mainly the durability it offers and the fact that very little maintenance is required to keep it looking brilliant.

Middle of the road in terms of cost, depending on the size of driveways in question, it is more expensive than some materials, but far cheaper than others.  But, at one time, concrete was a poor relation to cobbles, paving stones and other materials when it came to driveways, simply because it was seen as a little boring. The finish was the same, no matter where you laid it; it was usually smooth or slightly undulated, and it was usually grey or beige in colour.

But, there has been a transformation in concrete, revealing a new-look product that can be dyed or coloured with pigment; it can also be stamped once it has been poured, to create a pattern on the finished surface.

But, what is concrete?

Many people often referred to it as cement, which is slightly misleading. Cement, usually Portland cement, is an ingredient of concrete but is not the whole, finished product. Other ingredients include aggregate (small, crushed rocks) and sand. Water is added and concrete is created.

How long with it last?

Anything between 25 to 50 years, depending primarily on how well-laid concrete driveways are in the first place and also a small thing called maintenance…

What maintenance is required?

In all honesty, most Glasgow customers find that their concrete driveways need very little, if any maintenance, possibility the biggest reason why people opt for this material. But, it does pay to clan the concrete every now and then; all that is needed is a dry day, a hose and a stiff brush to scrub away marks or stains. Likewise, the addition of a concrete sealer can also help to maintain concrete driveways for many years.

But, is it expensive?

S&D Projects offer some competitive deals for potential customers looking for concrete driveways. Costs will vary depending on the amount of preparatory work needed before laying, as well as the size of the driveway. Larger concrete driveways take not only more material, but more ground preparation work.

However, when all that is said, concrete still offers a brilliant durable driveway for a fraction of the cost for some other driveway materials.

If you are looking for a material to build your Glasgow driveway, contact S&D Projects for a no obligation quote!

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