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New driveways in Airdrie – meeting the new ‘soakaway law’

Are you aware of the new regulations that affects all new and re-modelled driveways from October 2008? Do you know how this applies to you and what you need to do?

Not many people are aware that from October 2008, the UK Government gave us homeowners a year to get used to a new ‘soakaway law’. From October 2009, all new driveways have to comply with new regulations that concern where rainwater goes when it leaves your driveway.

Why we need these new regulations

With the instances and increase in localised flooding after heavy downpours, it was decided that we all need to take responsibility for what happens to rainwater when it leaves our property. In effect, the new regulations are designed to decrease the volume of water being sent into the drainage systems across the UK.

What can you do to make your driveway more environmentally friendly?

There are all kinds of materials and things that can be done to make new driveways in Airdrie more environmentally friendly.

There is an increasing range of porous or permeable materials that can mean you can still have a strong, robust driveway, without compromising the local environment. Concrete can now be porous; permeable pavers offer an opportunity to create interesting patterns but still allowing rainwater to drain into the water table, and not the drains.

You can also have a rainwater harvesting system; this gives you the best of both worlds! The rainwater is not wasted and you have a ready supply perfect for watering the garden in hot weather.

You can also invest in plants that are great for soaking up rainwater; grass driveways are a great environmental invest, but there is more to them than simply scatter some grass seed! The same is true of other green driveways in Airdrie; hardy alpine plants are a great way of creating an interesting, visual driveway that soaks up rainwater.

Do I have to do it?

It is not compulsory but, if the driveway proposed is larger than 5m² then you will need planning permission is using a non-porous material. But, by choosing an eco-friendly material you negate the need for planning permission, something that can take a long time, as well as adding an additional expense to your driveway budget!

What about my existing driveway?

There is no need to make any adjustments to your existing drive, although many Airdrie homeowners are looking to upgrade driveways to a type that is more environmentally friendly; this can be done by changing the top material or with some more deep excavations to place in rain water harvesting systems.

Would you like one of the many eco-friendly driveways available in Airdrie?

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