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Driveways Bearsden

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Bearsden.

Driveway Installer Bearsden

If you are looking for a driveway in the Bearsden area S&D can help. We have many years experience supplying and installing quality driveways.

Hints and tips of keep driveways ship-shape!

Driveways are an often over-looked part of your home, until it is too rutted and damaged to offer safe passage to car or person and then, many Bearsden homeowners find, there are so many options when it comes to choosing new driveways that it is difficult to know where to start!

One of the best attributes of driveways at Bearsden properties is the little maintenance and care needed to keep it looking ship-shape over its lifetime. Some materials, of course, are maintenance free but even these driveways benefit from the odd bit of tender loving care every now and then!

Here are a few hints and tips to get the best out of your driveway, no matter what material it is made from:

1.   Keep it clean and sealed

Depending on the material, keeping it clean AND sealed as one quick way of extending the life of the driveway for some time. How often you need to do this depends on the number of vehicles that use the driveway, the frequency of use as well as weather conditions. Most driveways benefit from a re-seal every two years or so, whereas others require a little more often.

2.   Remove stains

Sealing the driveway also helps to keep it clean, but ensuring that any stains are scrubbed away as soon as possible is also another way of ensuring you get the most from your driveway. Oil and petrol spills should be cleaned off as soon as possible as these marks, over time, cam begin to look unsightly on many driveways in Bearsden.

What’s the best way of cleaning driveways?

Pressure washers a great way of lifting stains and giving driveways in Bearsden an overall cleaner look; gentle enough not to cause damage and yet powerful enough to get rid of most tough stains, it is not a job that takes too long either.

3.   Limit the traffic!

Sounds odd but this all comes down to making sure you get the right material for the job in the first place; having heavy vehicles drive or park on your driveway will inevitably lead to damage so if this is something that is going to have with frequency, we strongly suggest taking advice BEFORE you do anything! Bearsden driveways are not invincible…

4.   The small jobs count

Removing weeds, sweeping up and the like are all small jobs that need not be time consuming but, in the long run will help with the life of your driveway.

5.   Work with your material

Some driveways in Bearsden, for example, will need a little more maintenance than others, simply due to the fact they are made from different material. Gravel driveways will need some additional gravel adding to its surface at some point, as they do tend to sink or move as vehicles are driven on and off.

Spending some time looking after your driveway will pay dividends in the end – certainly in your driveway lasting a lot longer than you thought. 

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