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Driveways Bellshill

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Bellshill.

Some design ‘cheats’ from driveways in Bellshill

Who doesn’t want a pleasant looking driveway? We have all probably admired another driveway, perhaps a little jealously, as we view the row upon row of paver or brick, or possibly marvelled at the crunch of golden gravel under tyre, and sighed longingly, knowing that the household budget would never stretch to such functional decadence.

But, there could be a way that you can create a similar look for your driveway, without the need to spend thousands of pounds.

Consider this driveway design ‘cheat’ – on the majority of the driveway, use a cost-effective material BUT, with the addition of decorative borders, bands and an apron, you too could have some of the luxurious decadence of your favourite material.

Effectively, accents are crated on driveways at properties across Bellshill using a variety of high end materials, such as gravel, flagstone, cobbles, pavers, brick, stamped concrete as well as additional materials such as timbers, alpine planting or even grass.

The apron

This is the section of the driveway that opens wider and is the point where the road meet the drive. Typically, this space is around 15 to 20 feet in size and lends itself perfectly to you using a different material that contrasts and complements the rest of the drive and property. It is your opportunity to indulge your love of paving, brick or any other kind of material too.

Creating a great impression, using a different material at the driveway’s apron can also be an effective means of controlling gravel, for example. Rather than loosing gravel on to the road, using a selection of pavers or bricks, for example, can help retain this loose material.

The border

Functional and decorative, borders for driveways at Bellshill properties are a great way of adding interest to a space. But, like the driveway apron, borders can also be used to retain loose material such a gravel, in place.

Experts also suggest that a border of around 2 foot can also help in providing a walkway for guests and visitors to your property as they can be used to clearly define and area, as well as point in the direction of travel.


Decorative bands run across the width of the driveway at intervals and, despite being purely decorative, can be a great way of adding a little extra wow to a driveway. However, using lines in a design is also a clever way of adding a certain illusion…

Bands running across a driveway can make the space appear wider, whereas decorative strips running the length of the drive can create the illusion of it being longer. Perfect for some Bellshill driveways that are bijou…

Driveways at Bellshill properties can not only be functional, but works of art too!

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