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Driveways Blantyre

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Blantyre.

Landscaping driveways at Blantyre properties – why is it a good idea?

When planning a new driveway or revamping your current one, it is important to make it as visually appealing as possible; you can of course, achieve this to a certain extent with the type of material you use.

Paving blocks, and smaller bricks can create a pleasant pattern for many Blantyre driveways but, there are additional things you can do to make the drive even more appealing.

However, there are additional factors you will need to bear in mind…

  • Pedestrian access – this does not mean that your driveway will be playing host to hundreds of people walking across it but, when it comes to decorative borders, they can present unintended obstacles.

To avoid this you will need to assess where the car or cars will be parked on your driveway, and whether there is room or space for some of your landscaping plans. Experts suggests allowing an additional two feet on top of any space you deem necessary for entering or exiting a vehicle.

You will also need to bear in mind the type of plants you use within a ‘pedestrian area’; imagine your frustration of ripping or tearing your clothes on a thorny rose bush…

  • Car ‘overhang’ – another factor that can cause frustration when it comes to landscaping Blantyre driveways is the fact that the vehicle overhang is not catered for. This essentially means that some cars have larger bonnets or boots than others and, having a landscaped portion at some point in the design of the driveway can effectively mean parking your bonnet or boot in a hedge…
  • Trees are not always the best idea – trees can help with drainage issues and, in some cases, may be protected so that they must remain a feature of a driveway. In such a situation, this means that they cannot be avoided but, if you are planning on adding trees to a landscaped driveway, then choosing the right tree is important. Stay away from those that shed their leaves or drop sticky resin at certain times of the year. Pine needles all over the car is not great for the bodywork…
  • Your driveway can be a hostile environment – this sounds an odd thing to say but, depending on which way you driveway faces and the material from which it is made, Blantyre driveways can become hot, parched places if they sit in full sun for days (or weeks!) on end in the summer months. Landscaping will need to take this into account so your choice of plants is important.

Driveways at Blantyre properties need not be boring or bland; they can be landscaped to match the property and, with lighting added too, can actually become a pleasant feature… and still be functional!

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