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Driveways Cambuslang

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Cambuslang.

Planning permission and driveways – what you MUST know before you install a new driveway (or update your current one)

Driveways are important; they provide a sound platform in which you can park your car, children play etc. but they are also know recognised as being important to the local environment. Hence, in October 2008 in Scotland (and the rest of the UK), there were important changes to which materials can be used to create driveways in Cambuslang. Falling foul of these changes could result in a large fine…


The weather, so scientists tell us, is changing. We need to expect more obscure weather patterns that last for longer periods. For example, cold snaps that last for longer than previous years or hot sunny spells that go one for months, instead of the ‘Great British Summer’ being over in 2 or 3 days!

But these weather patterns can cause problems; heavy, prolonged rain can be a real nuisance but the accompanying localised flooding can be even more of a nuisance. It is not just in one area, and so it does not just affect driveways in Cambuslang.

What can contribute to localised flooding

Non-permeable surfaces add to this problem of flooding, simply because rainwater has nowhere to go other than into the sewers via the drains. But, here in lies the problem; the combination and collective issue of non-permeable surfaces is that the rainwater runoff is at a volume larger than the sewers and drainage systems can cope with.

If water cannot drain away, then flooding is the result.

Time to change

And so, in October 2008 all new or replacement driveways in Cambuslang and across towns and cities across Scotland, Wales and England had to show that if they were using non-permeable surfaces that the rainwater was not running off into the road.

Not doing so and just forging ahead meant that a hefty fine could be coming your way.

Permeable surfaces

And so, the answer lay in permeable surfaces. This is where rainwater naturally seeps away through the material, finding its way into the earth underneath and following a more natural course.

This alone will not eradicate flooding, but it important that everyone plays their part in looking after the environment, especially the patch that is right outside your front door!

More expensive

Many people assume that laying permeable driveways at Cambuslang properties will be more expensive but, the industry is realising that it too needs to play its part. Technology and manufacturing techniques are all playing their part in making permeable materials that are effective and affordable.

Neither do they look or feel any different to their traditional, non-permeable cousins; pavers are now being produced that look just like paving stones of old.

Why don’t you look at what permeable materials can create the best looking driveway for your property?

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