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Driveways Coatbridge

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Coatbridge.

Choosing environmentally friendly driveways at Coatbridge properties – not as hard as you think!

Wherever we turn, we will find articles and ideas about how we can live in a more environmentally friendly way; from recycling and upcycling, there is no end of ideas and tasks we can do on a daily basis to create less of an impact on natural resources.

But, did you know Coatbridge driveways play an important part in the local ecological balance?! We thought not!

Any driveway under construction or being updated needs to take into account one more important factor; as well as usability and robustness, you also need to choose a material that promotes drainage. But, rather than just opting for material that promotes the quickest run-off into the drains, we are know all being encouraged to look at rainwater sinking into the ground, so that it can follow a more natural course. In fact, since 2009 all new Coatbridge driveways must incorporate this into planning.

The top 4 environmentally friendly materials for Coatbridge driveways

In top position we have GRASS!

This may seem like an odd choice – after all, won’t be just become a muddy mess in winter? – but grass, with its shallow roots and robust nature can be the perfect choice for any driveway. But, a well-constructed grass driveway is more than just about planting some seed and hoping for the best; it actually has several layers, all of which stop the muddy puddles and ruined grass.

In second place are the growing range of PERMEABLE PAVERS!

They look and feel just like other paving stones but, with a modern, ecological twist; full of microscopic holes, they allow rainwater to seep through, once again promotion rather than hindering the natural journey of water. You can keep this driveway as neat as you like or opt for the rustic look, allowing grass to grow in-between pavers.

In third place, we have opted for POROUS CONCRETE!

Not always the favourite of environmentalists, but concrete has a reputation that is slowly changing. It looks just like every other concrete drive, but for those Coatbridge driveways made from porous concrete, homeowners can be certain they are playing their part in balancing the local environment. With various gaps and cleaves, this material allows rainwater to seep through… rather that down the drain.

And finally, in fourth place, we have opted for GRAVEL & SAND!

Not suitable for all Coatbridge driveways – such as those on a slope – gravel and sand mix can offer many people a great environmentally friendly driveway. Add to this the fact that you can finish the driveway in different coloured gravel and shapes, you can appreciate why so many people opt for this material.

Which of these materials are suitable for your Coatbridge property?

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