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Driveways Cumbernauld

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Cumbernauld.

Factors in designing driveways for Cumbernauld properties – what must be considered!

Go on, admit it: you never give your driveway a second thought.

It always seems to be there. You park the car on it. It is even and flat. It does the job.

But, does it? Take a long hard look at driveways at Cumbernauld properties. Are they in keeping with the style of the property? Are they offering the best solution and useable space?

In many cases – if not the majority! – the answer is no but, re-designing driveways at any Cumbernauld residence takes thought… BEFORE you rip it up and lay a new one! Hence, we have put together some factors to consider in your driveway installation or re-design:

1. Needs and layout

Before you do anything, from choosing the gravel or opting for permeable paving, you need to sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen. On top of the sheet, write the question “what do I need my driveway to do?”… and then start jotting down all the answers.

You’ll be amazed at what you come up with – more space to park vehicles; flatten it; somewhere safe for the kids to play; fit the property better and more…

Once you have all the things you need from your driveway, you will need to consider the best layout. If you struggle to fit two cars on the driveway, but limited off road parking makes it a necessity, you may find that you need to pay particular attention to the layout of the space.

2. Choosing the shape

For many driveways at Cumbernauld properties, the most obvious choice is a straight one. Providing the road on which you live is not too busy, driving on and off the driveway is a doddle. However, if you have multiple vehicles with turning space tight, or reversing onto a main road is not an option, you will to look at creating a turning space. For some properties with ample space, a circular drive adds a certain grandeur… as well as a turning space!

3. Materials

And at this point, you are ready to choose from the range of materials perfect for all kinds of driveways in Cumbernauld. However, this know comes with not just an aesthetic responsibility – ‘fitting’ the visual appeal of your driveway to your home – but also am environmental one. You will need to consider drainage, and the best way of creating a working, robust yet sustainable driveway.

4. Accessorise!

Once you have decided on the material – gravel, concrete, permeable pavers etc. – you can know really do the fun bit which is accessorising your driveway! Not many people consider this but planting around the edges, adding lighting etc. are all great ways of not only softening the edges and sharp angles, but also making the space eminently useable.

What kind of driveway will you create?

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