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Driveways Glasgow

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Glasgow.

Choosing the right driveway material for your property

Building or renovating your Glasgow property is an exciting prospect; homeowners make planes for palatial bathrooms and sweeping kitchens, planning the minute detail in every room from flooring through to soft furnishings. But, one aspect if often overlooked aspect to a renovation or new build, meaning it can sometimes look and feel like an afterthought – the driveway.

Driveways, like all aspects of renovation or new build, needs thought and consideration. To get the right driveway for your Glasgow property, include the following factors in your driveway choice:


Always no. 1 on any list as it usually is the driving force behind any building or renovation project. Very few people have a bottomless pit of money stashed away and so getting the right driveway will also depend on the readies you have at your disposal – which makes the decision even more important. A cheap, poorly laid driveway will warp, crack and disintegrate in no time at all, hence is a false economy and a ‘doing it on the cheap’ legacy. In terms of a sliding scale of expense, Gravel tops the charts as the most expensive with concrete and asphalt down the more affordable end of the scale. Either way, there are pros and cons to each material.

Kerb appeal

Perhaps the most second important factor after deciding your budget is the kerb appeal of driveways in relation to the property they serve. Certain materials complement some styles better than others. Going for the country cottage look? Then gleaming, grey concrete might not be the best way forward; gravel would be perfect or even the rather delicious-looking structured pattern of block paving (similar to bricks etc).


Some driveways and their composite materials face off the some weathers better than others. For example, live in a climate where snow and ice are regular winter conditions, then asphalt would be a better choice than concrete; it stands up to the rigours of ice, and subsequent thawing, much better. Before you make your final choice, do your research!


Every driveway material has some level of maintenance requirements; gravel, for example, will need to odd raking, weeding and after a time, may need another top layer of gravel adding. Concrete might not need weeding, but it does stain hence the use of a power washer to shift those stubborn oil and grease marks is an essential piece of kit. After all, you have spent your hard-earned cash in your new Glasgow driveway, you don’t want it to detract from your property by looking grubby and unkempt.


Bottom of the list but still an important consideration is the durability of any chosen material. Your driveway might not be a motorway but if it going to be used by many cars and other vehicles, this will affect your choice of material. Again, gravel, especially the smaller pea-sized gravel, will not stand up to the rigours of vans and trucks etc. Concrete on the other hand, along with asphalt, probably will.

How you treat driveways, as well as keeping them well maintained, will add life to them too. But, clearly the best way forward in selecting and installing your new driveway at your Glasgow property is to get a well-respected firm to do the job for you. Driveways are not ideal DIY jobs as they will take you a long time and can be a little fiddly in places.

Local company S & D Projects are known for not only their quality customer service but also their impeccable design, supply and installation of quality driveway material – all within budget too!

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