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S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Hamilton.

Designing new driveways for Hamilton properties – the rules!

It is a fact of life that there are rules; rules that say when we can and cannot do something. Rules that tell us when something is acceptable, and when it isn’t. It can be difficult sometimes, to know what to do for the best and when it comes to designing driveways for Hamilton properties, there are rules to follow here too.

So, what rules do you need to follow…?

Rule 1: it fits your home

When we say this, we mean choosing a design, materials and accessories that best suits your property. If you have a modern home, with a ‘funky’ exterior, you can afford to be more colourful and minimalist in your design. But this kind of driveway would not suit an older property; opting for driveways that suit and compliment Hamilton properties is important. A badly designed one, inappropriate to the age, look and style of the property will detract from the main attraction and could actually devalue it…

Rule 2: don’t over complicate it

Having the opportunity to re-design and re-create driveways at Hamilton properties is a fantastic opportunity; for some, this can lead to some dreadful mistakes. Simplicity with driveways is the key to unfettered success. Don’t incorporate nooks and crannies if you really don’t need them but, if you need off-road parking and some turning space, make sure you use as much of the driveway space as you possibly can.

Rule 3: it doesn’t have to be boring

People assume that functional driveways at Hamilton properties will need to be boring; how can you dress up a straight driveway that leads from the road side to the garage? Simple: planting, lighting and the material. Once you have decided which material suits your property and which is best in terms of rainwater soak-away, you can begin to accessorise. Lighting is a great way of adding functionality, as well as appeal. Planting the edge or the centre, as well as smaller patches is also another way of adding interest.

Rule 4: break the rules!

Driveways at Hamilton properties need to offer different things to different people. Some people will need turning space; others just need a flat area on which to park. Some people opt for hard landscaped look to their front garden because it offers them the best use of this outside space.

If you recreating or redesign a driveway, why not take a look at what S&D Projects can offer you in terms of designing and planning your driveway that works for you… and not full of rules!

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