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Driveways Kilmarnock

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Kilmarnock.

4 factors to consider in creating driveways at Kilmarnock properties (and beyond!)

Creating, planning and building a new driveway or remodelling your current one is an exciting project. With forethought of design and the right material, you can create a flat surface on which to safely park vehicle and, in case of the family home, somewhere for the kids to play too.

But, getting it right can be more complex that what you first thought. Creating a driveway that is safe, yet functional does take some planning which is why there are professional companies like S & D Projects to help you out. Without planning and thought, your driveway could be a disaster zone…

How to avoid driveway disaster…

There are 4 factors that should be taken into account as part of the planning and creating of driveways at Kilmarnock properties:

i. Safety – the most important consideration in terms of driveways at Kilmarnock residences is safety. You MUST be able to enter and exit your driveway easily and safely, without the need to pull in to oncoming traffic in order to see it; visibility is the key issue and so the possibility of moving obstacles such as pillars in pre-existing Kilmarnock driveways may be needed. Likewise, if your driveway is close to your neighbours, then you may need to take evasive action here too.

ii. Access – secondly, driveways at Kilmarnock properties need to offer clear access to a variety of key points; for example, you need to be able to get in and out of your vehicle easily; you also many need to access to garage, if your have one, as well as the door to your home etc.

iii. Drainage – in Scotland, as in the rest of the UK, there are regulations governing effective drainage from a driveway, especially in the case of new driveways. Rainwater run off must now flow through the driveway material and not in to the main sewer system. This is why designing your driveway with the help of a professional is essential.

iv.  Visual appeal – and finally, the fourth factor for consideration or driveways at Kilmarnock properties is their visual appeal. On one hand, this is choosing a material that you like and fits within your budget but, there is a greater pull factor in play here – your driveway needs to complement your property. Some properties can ‘handle’ a dominate driveway, that appears central the front yard of a property but some would be dwarf by such a statement, therefore, a smaller, side driveway is the perfect design solution. 

Have you considered these factor for your driveway?

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