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Driveways Kirkintilloch

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Kirkintilloch.

Lighting for driveways in Kirkintilloch – adding safety and the wow factor!

With driveways, there can be one factor that Kirkintilloch customers can forget when they design, plan and create their new drive – lighting.

Why is lighting important?

It is important for two obvious reasons:

  • Safety – imagine lighting that can illuminate you as you enter or exit your car or garage
  • Welcoming – lighting on Kirkintilloch driveways can also make them far more welcoming too

However, just as bad as forgetting lighting is going over the top, ending up with a driveway that looks akin to an airport runway. In essence, with lighting, it is ‘less is more’, as well as illumination points that are well-placed to throw the maximum amount of light around.

Placement – where to put your lighting ‘points’

This varies from one driveway to the next because shape and size varies but, there are some common factor that Kirkintilloch customers should bear in mind…

  • Obstacles - lighting points should be placed where there are obstacles – such as the end of a plant borders, trees, walls, fences etc.
  • To mark a change in direction where you or visitors would walk when exiting or entering a car
  • Entrance and destination – an obvious point for illumination is the entrance to your driveway, but many people tend to stop at this point; lighting the point where you park your car is important too!

Electric or solar powered lighting for Kirkintilloch driveways?

Of course, technology has moved on and the poor luminosity that solar powered lights used to give off in the ‘early days’, are long gone. Increasingly sophisticated solar panels mean that driveway illumination is far better now than ever before.

However, many people prefer the ‘safety’ of mains electrical powered lights and there are added aspects you can tap into, such as lights on sensors that when they detect an obstacle that they light up, perfect for keeping on top of the electricity bill – in other words, lights do not need to stay on all of the time.

Lighting style

All you need to do know is decide what kind of style of lighting fitments you want for your driveway! Some people opt for vintage lamppost style, whilst other opt for minimalist, wall mounted lights – the choice really is yours!

Of course, the driveway you design and create will suit the exterior of your property; adding lighting is one way of complementing this, as well as adding an extra safety dimension.

Which lighting styles for Kirkintilloch driveways would you opt for?


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