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Driveways Milngavie

S&D provide a full driveway supply and installation service to customers in Milngavie.

Driveway Installer Milngavie

If you are looking for a driveway in the Milngavie area S&D can help. We have many years experience supplying and installing quality driveways.

Are driveways a do it yourself project, or not?

For some of us, DIY projects are a way of saving money whereas for others amongst us, it is a satisfying experience to create something from nothing. Many people are actually quite skilled and deft with a variety of power tools, matched will skill and knowledge many projects are a success.

But creating or replacing driveways is a bigger project, the magnitude of which many DIY-ers will not have encountered previously. Unless you have plenty of time and energy on your hands, creating driveways at Milngavie properties are probably best left to the professionals.

But therein lies the problem! Just like to issues of dodgy roofing contractors swept the nation, so too did the ‘I’ve got some tarmac left, shall I do your driveway?’ door knock. How do you go about getting the right driveways contractor for your Milngavie project?

Get structurally aware!

The whole point of engaging a specialist paving or driveway firm is to get the best job done and by this we mean, the structure and underlying foundation of the driveway being correctly prepared, followed by the correct application of the top material. Get this wrong and your driveway will be unusable within months, if not weeks.

Driveways at Milngavie properties are created from different layers, all giving stability and strength, so ask the contractor how and what they will be doing. You are looking for them to give you this kind of information… (But it may vary but if they talk about just layering on a top coat, avoid them!)

Digging and removing

If you are having a driveway replaced, they should dig and remove the old one but, if you are having a new one from scratch you are still looking for them to start with a dig down process, to create space for the following layers:

  • Geo-sheet (or similar) – once dug out and levelled, they may add this man-made membrane although it does tend to be used where the earth is soft so don’t be surprised if they don’t use it. This could be a question you ask…?
  • Sub-base – this is the layer that even though it is at the bottom of all the layers, is the part that gives the whole structure its strength. Some contractors in building Milngavie driveways may use sand and crushed rock, or cement or tar can also be used. Again, another great question to ask.
  • Bedding layer – as the name suggests, this layer, usually sand, gives the top layer material (your chosen driveway material!) the base on which to settle.
  • The top layer – from paving stones to concrete, whatever you choose is goes on here and, if the under layers of foundation are correct, it will be a quality build.
  • Sealing – in some case, fine sand is spread across the driveway, sealing joints and giving you’re the driveway you want and need to compliment your Milngavie property.

The only choice you have to make now, is what material will suit your property!

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